What do we do at HIO’s…

Hack It Ourselves (HIO’s) is all about getting our kiddos making things and working with
their hands. It is about building and creating machines, electronics, devices,
computers etc. The maker/hacker movement is also about creating and doing with
what you have and doing it yourself. Making things that would be
inaccessible to the average person, more accessible, like: 3D printers, robotics,
open source programing etc. It is closely tied to the recycle and reuse
movement. It is not limited to just tech stuff though it is also learning to use
tools and equipment to create anything. Some even include glassmaking,
woodworking, welding, sewing…

We are now members of Hacker Scouts. We are officially Guild 019

HIO Scouts Agenda

At HIO Scouts we follow an agenda that is meant to be flexible and yet organized, so that parents and HIO’s can plan a head for the next weeks HIO meeting. Parents and HIO’s are encouraged to become involved in all aspects of the agenda especially suggesting projects and Ideas. If you would like to host one of the segments please sign up. We encourage community involvement. The agenda will generally look like:

Brainstorming: 10 minutes

The brainstorming segment is meant to help us plan activities and to focus our project work for the meeting. It could involve brainstorming for future projects, review of current projects and planning out remaining tasks for the current project.

Brain Building: 10 minutes

The brain building segment is meant to get our hacker thinking revved up. It should include a simple problem to solve, the materials to do it and a set of instructions to follow. (an example would be marshmallows, stir sticks, scissors and a ball. With the challenge to span two surfaces so that the ball can move from one surface to the other. The challenge should be timed and leave enough time to discuss improvements and success.

Show And Tell: 10 minutes

The show and tell segment is meant for sharing projects or things you have learned. Sharing could include hacked projects, new tech, something you want to hack and why, something you have learned and want to share. We even encourage sharing fails as they are some of the most poignant learning experiences  HIO’s are encouraged to share and parents may share if they would like also.

Applied Science and Skills Lesson: 10 minutes

The lesson segment is designed to help us to learn the science behind the hacking we will be doing. If you have a lesson related to one of the projects we are doing or have a skill you would like to teach this will be the place for instruction. Science/Skills related to the projects we are working on are encouraged but leading this segment should not be limited only to the projects we are working on. We are open to guided lessons from members of the community and if you have a suggestion for a guest hacker please feel free to make suggestions.

Hacker Project: 30-60 mins

The project segment is designed to be used to work on hacking projects. They should be geared around the HIO scouts interest but can also be designed around the skills or interests of the parents or guest hackers.  We encourage projects that involve recycled/reused materials and love it when folks donate materials for projects.

Welcome to our site…

Feel free to dig around and check out the pages.  The Contact  page is for getting in touch with us and for asking any questions you may have. The About  page is a more in-depth explanation of who we are and describes our affiliation with the Hacker Scouts and links to our official Guild 019 page.  The inspiration page is where we post links to inspirational content that gets our hacker thinking revved up and brainstorming content from HIO meetings. On the Projects page you will find a little bit of show and tell. We will post projects we are working on both with the HIO scouts and at home. On the Agenda page you will find the agenda for the up coming meeting and a log of past meetings. The CalendarSign-up and Supplies pages are “members only” pages that are for signing up to volunteer for leading a segment checking out what supplies are available and for calendaring events.